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President xi nong da wu pute and his delegation went to the natural valley company for research and guidance

2018/09/07 16:24
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  On the morning of September 7,wu pute,President of northwest a&f university,and his delegation went to natural valley company to investigate the deep processing project of Chinese medicinal materials,accompanied by Chen xiliang,secretary of chenggu county party committee,hu xinli,deputy secretary of chenggu county party committee and county head,li xuesong,general manager of tiangu group,wang ping,vice chairman of natural valley company,and liu jianxin,acting general manager.
  After listening to the company's historical development and overall planning and deployment,President wu and his party inspected the company's production workshop,product exhibition hall and the demonstration planting base of epimedium,and inquired about the company's raw materials,development status,deep processing and product market situation.
  During the natural valley company vice chairman,wang ping general introduced the company to the principal wu line deep processing of Chinese herbal medicine industry development and cultivation of epimedium demonstration is carried out,hope for natural valley northwest agriculture and forestry university of science and technology company in the Chinese herbal medicine planting and breeding technology support and field training,promote the construction of natural valley company raw material planting pace,to promote county crucial for poverty alleviation work.
  President wu said that the cultivation and promotion of traditional Chinese medicinal materials can boost the county's poverty alleviation work.Northwest a&f university has the advantages of the deep processing of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and the cultivation and cultivation of traditional Chinese medicinal materials,which can be supported and assisted by experts and professors of the college according to the needs of natural valley company.