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Tiangu group held a meeting to convey the eight provisions of the special spiritual inspection of shaanxi nuclear group

2019/01/17 14:16
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  In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of the central committee on comprehensively enforcing strict party governance,we implemented the spirit of the eight regulations.On the morning of August 9,in the meeting room of hanzhong natural valley company,I communicated and learned about the special meeting on eight regulations of shaanxi nuclear group.At this meeting,members and department heads of the leadership team of tiangu group,the leadership team and office staff of natural valley company,the leadership team and office and financial staff of tianxiang pharmaceutical,and the leadership team and financial staff of tiangu pharmaceutical attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by zhao mingxue,party secretary and executive director of tiangu group.
  Valley group meeting,day discipline inspection commission secretary wang chao conveyed in the provincial state-owned assets supervision and administration enterprises and shan nuclear group affiliated enterprises in violation of the regulations of eight problems,at the same time convey the spirit of shan nuclear group consolidate expand eight in special inspection and rectification opinions,and warned the party member cadre study more relevant laws and regulations and discipline,do a ruler in your heart,a ring in your heart,do a check,keep the heart of fear.
  Li xuesong,general manager of tiangu group,put forward requirements from five aspects,namely,ideology,internal control approval,standard management,procurement control and financial audit.He required the company's employees to continuously strengthen ideological education,keep in awe,not violate laws and disciplines,and ensure the healthy and stable development of the company at all levels.
  Finally,zhao mingxue,party secretary and executive director of tiangu group,pointed out in the summary speech that to earnestly implement the spirit of the eight provisions,the companies must do:first,improve awareness,attach great importance to;Second,strengthens the study,comprehensively grasps;Third,consummates the system,the implementation;Fourth,strict rules and regulations,bosom friends know rules;Fifth,mutual supervision and understanding;Sixth,never take part,strictly control.