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Chen xiaoyong, executive vice mayor of hanzhong city, investigated natural valley company

2018/08/03 16:26
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  At 3:30 PM on August 3,Chen xiaoyong,member of the standing committee of hanzhong municipal committee of CPC and executive vice mayor of hanzhong went to the company to conduct research.Chenggu county magistrate hu xinli,natural valley company vice chairman wang ping and acting general manager liu jianxin accompanied.
  Vice mayor Chen and his party visited the production line,product exhibition hall and the demonstration planting base of epimedium,listened to the development status of the company,and consulted the market situation at home and abroad.Vice mayor Chen took the initiative to consult the company about the major existing difficulties,loan financing and other related conditions,and at the same time,he was concerned about the progress of the poverty alleviation project of tiangu pharmaceutical.
  In view of the demonstration planting base of icarii,vice mayor Chen pointed out that,based on the main products of the enterprise,introducing excellent varieties and vigorously promoting the cultivation of raw materials,not only solve the raw materials required by the production of the company,but also can promote the development of local Chinese herbal medicine planting industry,and then drive farmers out of poverty and become rich,which is worthy of promotion.In addition,vice mayor Chen pointed out that the company should focus on the"One Belt And One Road"opening strategy and industrial poverty alleviation policy,increase the training of technical personnel,and lay a solid foundation for the company's growth and development.Strengthen communication and cooperation with major Banks,better use of a variety of financing channels to solve related problems;Strengthen site safety management,improve personnel safety awareness,to ensure the safety of production.