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Tiangu group held an economic operation analysis meeting in the first half of 2018 in natural valley company

2019/01/17 14:16
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  On July 16,tiangu group held an economic operation analysis meeting for the first half of 2018 in the multi-functional meeting room of natural valley company in shaheying town,chenggu county.The leaders of each subsidiary reported on the economic operation in the first half of the year.
  This meeting reported the completion of economic indicators,operating income and key projects of tiangu group and its subsidiaries in the first half of the year,made an in-depth analysis of the economic operation,pointed out the main problems,and made 17 measures to ensure the completion of economic indicators and key projects.
  The meeting held that the economic operation of tiangu group was basically stable in the first half year,key projects were advanced orderly,the industrial chain was extended more clearly,and the overall production and operation were under control.In the second half of the year,all subsidiaries should continue to strengthen the operation,strictly control the quality,the headquarters and subsidiaries linkage,to achieve information sharing,strive for new product breakthroughs,and better complete the group's tasks in 2018.The meeting pointed out that all units should earnestly enhance the sense of urgency,focus on the group's decision-making deployment and annual work arrangement,pay close attention to the implementation,and go all out to ensure the completion of the annual goals,to make contributions to the growth of the group's operating efficiency.
  In view of the economic work in the second half of the year,the meeting requires:first,to find out the existing problems comprehensively and formulate the correct countermeasures;Second,to implement the group's arrangements and deployment,to keep the decree smooth;Third,we must change the work style,enhances the execution dynamics;Fourth,we will strengthen management of key projects to ensure smooth progress.Fifth,we will implement the responsibility for safety and environmental protection and improve risk management.