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Wang jianguo, deputy secretary of the party committee of China shaanxi nuclear group, and his delegation went to the natural val

2018/05/26 16:28
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  On the morning of May 24,wang jianguo,deputy secretary of the party committee of China shaanxi nuclear group,and zou haifeng,minister of discipline inspection and supervision,accompanied by zhao mingxue,secretary of the party committee of tiangu,inspected and guided the party branch construction and propaganda ideological and cultural construction of natural valley company.
  Li jian,secretary of natural valley party branch,made a detailed report from the aspects of branch construction,political construction,ideological construction,organizational construction,style construction,party conduct and integrity,publicity and culture,and mass work.The branch of the company is constructed and managed in strict accordance with the"7 excellent standards",integrating party construction into daily production and operation,combining party construction supervision with quality management,promoting each other and strengthening the complementarity between branch construction and company management.
  After the briefing,Wang Shuji line of site access to the party member data and study notes,Wang Shuji branch work certainly high,around the business results give affirmation,the company party support for party building enterprise culture construction and achieve the honor of positive,on the party organization learning and team construction and so on to give you.
  At the same time,secretary wang put forward several requirements:1,study the party constitution,in strict accordance with the party constitution on the eight responsibilities of the branch,the branch into a strong bastion of grassroots organizations,education and guidance of staff,mobilize enthusiasm,creativity and initiative.2.Continue to learn the spirit of the 19th CPC national congress and the spirit of xi jinping's series of speeches,study and reflect repeatedly,and extend the learning and reading of relevant reading materials.3.Learned"eight kinds of skills discussion",served for the company's production and operation work,deeply studied the party constitution and series of speeches to promote the company's development.